Sunday, December 7, 2008

response to an otherwise insignificant thing.

The great discord is rising, and there is joy.
Harmonies collide and night is filled by inky light.
Wait until you see them there.
Wait until the sounds sift out your mind:
not the expected.

This song is still the same one we've sung for years,
and this little place is more familiar than myself.
Even so, it all has changed.
Even so, we witness something new,
just like you said.

In between the ideas,
this is the thing we were trying to say.
The answer is loud and we are glad.

We have built our worlds atop our moments,
and the people and the places there inside of them;
we are hollow without them.
We are wondering how it could have been
without those things.

Finally it falls and we are open,
now leaving the old and tentative steps behind us.
It is so good to be here.
From them sunlight comes, like an encore
in new mornings.

Underneath the spoken,
there is a place we are longing to go.
Till we find it we hold on to this.

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