Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all existence.

Doubt and awe might thrive
together. Swiftly growing,

green in the earth
all wrestling
for bright daylight.
Stories limp profoundly
as they wade, towards
becoming new.

Friday, September 3, 2010

who bends with the remover.

Come, sit in the shade of this tree
whose branches reach
out through the sky;

come drink the sunlight
when spring fills the lakes
by the hillside,
creeks, the salt-oceans
and undammed rivers,
leaping dim and bright.

Know our eternity,
filled by the waves of infinity.
Might all impregnable.

Dark in the hour after midnight,
remember revolution.
We were for freedom,
oppressor to fall.

Hatred and dread,
the heartbeat of Paris
that pounded our aching as strong
as her cities and ancient woods:

blood seeped out
into cobblestones,
dark under moonless night.
We were revolution.

Then a gentler fortress,
Conscience besieged
within truth and grace.
Royalty I fear,
his palace I abhorred,
my siege I set.

Terror in the air,
death in the black spot
of flesh,

tear it;
scratch or cut it, bleeding, if you must
in the name of spring.
In the shadow of the dream of life.

Over the cobblestones,
who trod silently,
soul of the stars
who soar eagerly?
Crystalline light.

Purity whose life fills up all life;
the blow severe
that tore my insurrection.
Doubt and tears that drenched all the rivers
are rushed into forgetfulness by a new army,

Love who holds the light
upon winter and spring;
sunlight and starlight,
the waking and dreaming
of which you still breathe
every morning:

deep within memory
is the hot spark of flight.
Circling around it,
you spin here
at the edge of all life.