Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Nis min sele swige, ne ic sylfa hlud
ymb dryhtsele; unc dryhten scop
siþ ætsomne. Ic eom swiftra þonne he,
þragum strengra, he þreohtigra.
Hwilum ic me reste; he sceal rinnan forð.
Ic him in wunige a þenden ic lifge;
gif wit unc gedælað, me bið deað witod.

My house is not silent, nor I myself loud
about the splendid-hall. The lord shaped us two
to venture together. I am swifter than he,
at times stronger, and he more enduring.
Sometimes I rest myself; he must run forth.
I dwell in him ever while I may live;
if we two are parted from each other, death is appointed for me.

It's lovely :) The typed OE text is from Mitchell & Robinson.

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